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Name: King Neptune's Casino
Brand: Microgaming
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Big Wins at King Neptune Casino

It’s hard not to wish this were a real casino resort where one could stay for a long getaway. Since their launch in 2000 they have made a commitment to providing safe and secure banking at every turn. Trusting their system to give fair play on every game is a breeze as they are just as highly regulated as any other casino.

Update:  Ever since King Neptune broke away from their parent company, we’ve not been able to recommend this casino.  Also, UK players that formerly had an account with King Neptune’s may want to try Jackpot City instead. 

King Neptune Casino Bonus Code

Using their system is almost as simple as signing up. Their sophisticated graphics and easy to understand instructions make filling out the forms for a real account a snap. It’s so easy to link up a bank account and begin gaming right away. As a sign on incentive, King Neptune’s Casino bonus doubles all initial deposits 100%, up to $100. It’s a great way to make fast cash to start playing, new clients that deposit $50 will have $100 in their account right away. The same concept goes for clients that deposit $100 they will see a $200 balance in their account fast. That’s the first of many easy wins gamers will start to see when playing on this fun and engaging site.

Clients will also be impressed with the incredible chances to win progressive jackpots on some of King Neptune’s slots. Classic games like Shark, Deuces and Triple Sevens offer incredible payouts with tickers that climb ever second. Some of these are currently approaching whopping jackpots of $300,000 and counting. With incredible opportunities to win big cash it’s hard to go wrong.

Games at King Neptune’s Casino

Entering King Neptune’s Online Casino site has all the bells and whistles of arriving in one of the Las Vegas strip’s flashy gaming superstructures. From slots to cards and more; their expansive site offers up games to tempt any kind of player. For the individual who just wants to kick back and relax from the comfort of their own living room and indulge in some of the age old slot games that give the sport its timeless thrill there are plenty of choices. Over 400 different games provide a constant variety in content. Each one with the opportunity to send cash straight into the players account. Whether it’s a small win or hundreds of thousands, there’s no feeling that compares to seeing the word winner flash across the screen.

The world of competitive gambling is becoming ever more popular. King Neptune’s is an excellent forum to brush up on some valuable skills in the card game department. Their site provides simple step by step instructions so even the novice player can get a good handle on a variety of games like blackjack. It’s not such a stretch to see what keeps players coming back to develop their skills with the chances to win huge cash pools. Since the site is highly reputable, gamers can play with the confidence of knowing they’re not being taken for loop.


The world of online gambling offers the player a wide range of opportunities that a physical casino simply cannot. Alongside the comfort of playing anytime, anywhere, with 24 hour support; players can gamble with confidence, knowing they’re getting a fair deal every time and not being taken into a gimmick. With over ten years of experience in the online casino industry, King Neptune’s has finely tuned the experience they provide to make a warm and exciting environment in which to make a fortune.



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